Summary of Services

Latest Machinery

In 2011 three new six pallet Mazak FMS cells have been installed for workpieces up to 1450 mm in diameter x 1450mm in height.  Additional investment in CMM inspection and wash plant has been made to maintain high standards of quality. Further investment in new machining centres and automated wash plant ordered in January 2012 for a new project.

Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS)

John Hyde Engineering is now unique in having five FMS cells and the unrivalled level of flexibility this provides for technically demanding, large workpieces.

This 22 pallet FMS features two large horizontal machining centres for workpieces up to 1250mm by 1250mm by 1200mm and weighing up to 2000kg. The FMS system gives John Hyde Engineering Ltd the adaptability to meet customers' changing demands at short notice whilst maintaining maximum machine utilisation for the highest efficiency.

Photograph of Flexible Manufacturing System with 18 pallets, 3 load stations, vertical mill-turn machining centre and horizontal machining centre

New in 2008, our second FMS with 18 pallets, a 5 axis mill-turn machine and a large horizontal machining centre, gives us the ability to turn components of up to 1250mm diameter with the efficiency and automation afforded by FMS. Our highly automated processes covering material handling, machine loading, tool servicing, and in-process inspection improve our efficiency and enhance the services, performance, and quality we provide to our customers.

5 axis Mill-Turn Machining

Photograph of Mazak 1060V vertical mill-turn machining centre

Horizontal and vertical mill-turn machines enable us to machine in one setting, components which would previously have required several operations.

Components from 200mm to 1250mm diameter and up to 2000mm in length can be produced.

Photograph of Mazak e650H horizontal mill-turn machining centre

New in 2010 and pictured below, a third machine has increased our capacity for mill-turn work.

Photograph of Mazak e50oH horizontal mill-turn machining centrePhotograph of Mazak e500H horizontal mill-turn machining centre turning an outside diameter

Horizontal and Vertical Prismatic Machining

Our standalone multi pallet machine tools deliver exceptional accuracy and repeatability in conjunction with very high efficiency production. We can cater for prismatic machining work up to 1250mm by 1250mm by 1200mm and weighing up to 2000kg.

Photograph of twin pallet horizontal machining centre

Inspection and Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Innovative use of in-process, on-machine inspection proves process capability (Cpk) and performance (Ppk), and guarantees traceability. We routinely use real-time process control charts and can provide our customers with detailed process capability and traceable inspection data.

We also offer CMM inspection on components up to 3000mm by 1100mm by 900mm.

Photograph of Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) at John Hyde EngineeringPhotograph of machine tool probe and FMS control

Quality Management

John Hyde Engineering Ltd has longstanding ISO 9001 certification. The company follows AIAG guidelines incorporating ISO/TS16949 where applicable. We are highly experienced in PPAP documentation including Process FMEAs, Process Control Plans, Process Flow Charts and document control.